Terms and conditions

When downloading fonts, the user accepts the following terms and conditions.

The fonts that are being made available on this website, are all obtained legally or are self made. The fonts are imitations of famous fonts that can be seen in daily life. The user is aware of this.

It is not the intention to violate any copyrights of the existing logos. The intention of the website is, to make the fonts available for non-commercial use to anyone that wants to make use of them. People who are looking for fonts that can be used commercially, are being referred to website that sell professional fonts.

The user agrees that the provided fonts cannot be used for commercial goals. Non-commercial use of the fonts is of course allowed and encouraged.

The user is aware that linking to fonts is allowed, but links should be referring to the font page, i.e. the page where a preview of the font is displayed. Hot linking to the download pages or the fonts themselves is prohibited. Moreover, technical measures have been taken to prevent this from happening.



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